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Thread: It was good while it lasted . . .

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    Default It was good while it lasted . . .

    Well it was good while it lasted, the mini heatwave that is, which saw all sorts of mini skirts and smooth female flesh come out into the open.
    As I write this the rain is belting down, nobody to be seen anywhere out the window.
    This time last week the hot sunny weather was here, every mini skirt hidden in wardrobes came out to catch some sun- cocks were hot and sweaty, and hard ons were too, Im sure, much evident under many male trousers, but its gone now, and we have damp soggy rain . . . . .
    A picture to remind us what was . . . . .
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    Default Fear not!

    Don't despair, Dick Spunk!

    The sun is already back today, and all we can do is hope that it stays with us a bit more this summer! I know we're in Ireland afterall, but even if we can get 2 days a week with sun and moderate temperatures, we will see the mini's again! Their season can't be over so soon! And besides, there's always holidays to be had... I'll be making another trip to A-Dam in July, bound to see plenty of 'good stuff' there, whether or not it's standing behind glass doorways!

    Stay positive and hope for the best, we'll squeezed-out a few more days of mini skirt season out of the summer yet!

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