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Thread: Beasts of ireland-you are fakes!!!!

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    Talking Beasts of ireland-you are fakes!!!!

    I am the only smartest cutest beast-demon in ireland. I am tired of these escorts passing themselves off as beasts. The clients in tipp are disgusted with the rip off and i want a job. I will not fool them i have genuine fotos, i am agenuine beastescort andyouse lieing girls are trying to con genuine customers off by pretending your beast fotos are the genuine article. I am so bewildered that you would atempt such a beastly act. i have tried with my genuine demon fotos for three days to get work off this site and that tough cookie sarah has been followin me all over deleting the post i asked the cross dresser on chat to help me,i asked a conman cowboy to help me i asked the male escorts to help me. Does anyone have the number for the agency in clonmel where that liar is passing herself off as a beast as i want a job there she is destroying my beastly reputation and i need to sort this out and get work aswell the ould killing two birds with one stone kind of thing thankyou

    call me or pm on*phone number removed**

    REMEMBER: i would rather a thief than a liar
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