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Thread: Polsh Gemma's Dublin warning READ THIS URGENT!

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    Default Polsh Gemma's Dublin warning READ THIS URGENT!

    First of all i would like to say i am disgusted at the amount of girls who have doubted Gemma and virtually accused her of lying! I have no doubt she posted to alert us all and to try to protect us. This will make you realise i am sure she is telling the truth as the same happened to very close friends of mine in Dublin.

    They are escorts who have been visiting Dublin for some time and one is very well known and respected. They were staying in the same hotel as Gemma the ++++s, and the same happened someone got into their room whilst they were sleeping, they woke as they were leaving to discover one of the girls bags had been rifled through and money and phones pinched. Also a note had been left on the side reading "tell or die" Needless to say theyimmediatly alerted the hotel reception and called the garda, Hotel were very unhelpful and appeared glad the girls were leaving that morning. - The garda are saying it is an inside job the guys must have used a pass card. For those who questioned Gemma- there are no chains or dead locks on the doors at the ++++s or there wasnt in the room they were in. It was also the last night for the girls as it was for Gemma - coincidence! - I think not! The Garda also suggested to the girls that these particular guys have also been active at the hotel beginging with M!

    The girls are sure it was a guy who visited earlier in the day - So beware all you girl out ther particularly the ones who doubted Gemma.

    Keep Safe.
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