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    Hey all, discreet man here, with massive muscle fetish. Anyone else love MUSCLE as much as me. Mostly into male muscle but can happily get off looking at pumped female muscle too. Love to chat some more. Any muscle guys into the idea of their bodies being worshipped?

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    Love lookin at ripped women too. Iv'e lots of muscle myself but keep it well hidden under the upholstery. would love to see a beautiful Tranny thread akin to the beautiful women, now running at 888 pages.

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    Check out " Brazilian fit Tv "

    She is pretty & in some shape , quite muscular!

    Its funny it seems muscle / fit fetish getting more and more fans judging by posts here.

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    any MUSCULAR guys?

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    bumping this up, are there any muscular guys around Dublin who are open minded???

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