Hi and hope this message find you all well and happy having a lot of fun and games, if not then donít worry as I will be over to put a smile on your face very soon and will play with your mind, body and soul. Donít forget any good dominatrix should know, itís never has to be about pain and abuse, but a hell of a lot of pleasure and fun that will leave you with the best wanking martial you could had ever imagined for months to cum.

So if you never experienced fetish fun before, I can assure you 100% if you not into pain or being marked, I can make you feel exhilarated without receiving any, and guarantee you more pleasure then your mind could ever had imagined.

As I can get fully booked before I get to a town/city itís always best to book in advance. The best time to call me to book an appointment is 9.am to 10.30am or 10.pm to 11.pm as it can be difficult to pick up my phone when I having a lot of fun working, you understand what I mean LOL.

Please note; I donít answer my phone between 11.30pm -9am (I'm sleeping then), I donít do out calls with newbieís and I donít answer with-held telephone number what-so-ever! I just hang up the phone!

[COLOR="Navy"]Here are my new tour dates below, but please remember each town or city I visit on the first day I will be driving so donít answer my phone on rout and I donít get to a place till about 2pm-3pm sometimes so if you canít get a response call afterwards.
Look forward to meeting some old friends, for part 2 (you guys know what I mean) and looking forward to meeting some new friends to shared some interesting fun full filled memories, until then!