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Thread: im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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    Default im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


    i'm back and enjoying myself so far!
    Have had three wonderful clients since my return to the scene and am looking for MORE!

    anyone want me pm or call ********

    I AM MIA! I am early 20's, 5'10, couple of beautiful tatoos, long dark hair, big green eyes, 36c breasts, size 12.

    My favourites are: being naked, using my dildo, buttplugs, giving blowjobs, getting fucked really hard from behind, getting spanked during sex, getting spanked anytime! im getting better at anal! and i love having my hair pulled and just well fucking, anywhere anytime.

    i want to have a threesome with two guys! PM or call me if you want me!
    i want to be spit roasted and then have them take turns on me!

    NO PHOTOS. i had a terrible experience a few years ago with photos so never again. If you dont like what you see thats fine! but i doubt you'd turn me away

    my aim is always to please, and you can always punish me in your own way if i dont completely satisfy you....
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    oh and please text me your name and number if you have my number, PM is best. i dont respond to people who incessantly call me.

    i am also very picky and make sure i actually like someone before i meet them. i only see two clients a week so if i pick you it will definetely be worth your while, and the wait

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    Default mia

    pm me mia ........asap

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