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Thread: the joke was on me!

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    Exclamation the joke was on me!

    Yesterday, i had a visitor, a square in fact, as square as any square could be, i am in the kitchen making my lovely friend a coffee, she is the most innocent girl i know, goes to mass every sunday, you know what they say opposites attract and all that. She asks can she use the computer, she works for the hse, respectible job respectible girl, no problem i say and she's tapping away on the keyboard and i'm chatting away and then i look at the computer screen from a couple of feet and she's looking at the community forum on escort-ireland!! WTF i ran over , here let me just help you with that, no no no it's okay , realy i say i'll just get you the site you need and she looks at me like i am gone mad! This is the site , what's the matter with you? then i look and she is right! it's the irish ambulance service site of ireland!! IRISH AMBULANCE NETWORK - Occupational First Aid Instructors Basic Life Support Providers An exact replica of escort-ireland???? WTF It would only happen to me!

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    Well I suppose both the ambulance site and E-I cater for people who don’t know each other meeting in unusual circumstances and both have to be contacted by phone and given directions but I wonder does the ambulance service only answer unhidden numbers and texts?…

    The ambulance might be handy for touring purposes also… no more being delayed in traffic and if they worked out of the back of it then what Guard is gonna stop an ambulance and look in the back? Also the perfect cover for wearing a nurses uniform and no one would bat an eyelid...

    Could be the answer to a lot of Escorting problems…

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    They have over 14,000 members on that site........the majority of them probably sexy nurses and a few pervy gynaecologists. Unfortunately I could'nt upload the gallery....probably great pictures of spanking new ambulances and medical toys.....sorry equipment.

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