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    Just a few of our guys


    Se7in : 19 Male, Slim, Tonned, Dark Hair, Tall, 8.5shoe, Vers

    Jordan: 20 Male, 6ft, Slim, Tonned, Dark Hair, 8+shoe, Vers

    Brazil: 22 Male, Black, Tonned, 8.5shoe, vers

    Nathan: 21 Male, Slim, Tonned, English, 7+shoe, Vers

    Ike: 21 Male, Slim, Tall, 8.5shoe, Vers

    Trent: Brazilian, 22, Tall, 9shoe, Vers


    Paul: 19 Slim, Tonned, 7+shoe, vers, can accom sometimes


    Ben: 19, slim, 7+shoe, vers

    To book e-mail
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    taking bookings for this week

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    takin bookings now

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    bump bump bump

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    taking bookings now

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