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Thread: Girls have you tryed Force Feminization

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    Default Girls have you tryed Force Feminization

    Take me home and have some fun, tie me up and have you way with me

    Girls only

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    Quote Originally Posted by eire View Post
    Take me home and have some fun, tie me up and have you way with me

    Girls only
    Hey Sap!
    You are living in a dream world.
    You want to be force feminized?
    You want a woman to tell you that you are a useless piece of shit?
    You want to be treated like you are shite on a womans shoe?

    Well you have 2 choices -
    (1) You can get your money out and PAY a woman to do this to you - average price 250 euro an hour.
    (2) You can get married.

    Confused? Im not surprised- you come across as a halfwitted waste of space with your requests to "Girls only".

    Listen sap - Women dont want the type of solidfied streak of piss you come across as been, they dont want a GIMP.
    They are sick of dealing with socialist party metrosexual wankers who want to talk about their feelings(!)
    They want a REAL man, who can dominate them in every department- including in bed, in fact most of all in bed.
    They want a man who can give them long pounding sex sessions in bed
    I include a picture below to give you a idea of what a woman wants, if you are still confused then dont be afraid to ask me for further advice . . . . .
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    "Moron" "Smartarse" "Mister 20 posts" "Idiot" "Ignorant" "Sinner" "Unreliable" "Irish Loser" "Lunatic" "Troll" "Cunt" "Muppet"
    "repressed homosexual" "Impotent" "No Girlfriend" "No Job" "asshole" "Little fart" "cow shit"

    The MAN the Saps Love to Hate !

    Asshole of the Month MAY 2009
    As voted by Saps!

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