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Thread: Anti-Trafficers spat on!!!!!

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    Lightbulb Anti-Traffickers spat on!!!!!

    Have a good read at this.....................

    More evidence that trafficking is a myth | spiked
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    "She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night."

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    Lightbulb Police also agree!!!

    "She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night."

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    I have long ago stopped taking anything in the mainstream news, especially Irish news, too seriously. They aren't very credible sources of information, you have to think for yourself to find out the truth for everything. Look at what they did in the broadsheet papers the Irish Times and Examiner for these complete lies.

    Some things the mainstream news media and often other media are pressurised into getting all wrong:

    1. Escorts are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. I think clients often are as well, it's just a minority that act up (probably also the people that are loud and rude socially, "chavs").
    2. Far from being dirty, escorts are some of the cleanest people you could ever meet. It's not their mothers or aunts that get a lot of guys to look decent and wash properly, it's escorts.
    3. Every man is a potential punter, except maybe the old-style staunch religious conservatives.
    4. Doctors, who some people put all their trust in, push drugs and surgeries that are completely unnecessary and damaging. It's a complicated system devised by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industries to get them to push more and more drugs. The unnecessary surgeries aren't as bad anymore but the drugs they push is disgusting. I would trust a prostitute a million times over I would a doctor!!!!
    5. If you were to believe the government, you'd swear cereal, bread and milk were the best things in the world you could eat. THOSE FOODS WILL KILL YOU! No they're not as bad as the obviously rubbish food (biscuits, cake, sweets)... but white bread especially is little better than eating white sugar. The government does this because those are the biggest mark-up food items and the biggest potential profit. If everyone started to eat just fruit and vegetables, there would be nowhere near enough to go around. Everything from diabetes to foot aches has its roots in what food you intake.
    6. . We are PERFECTLY EVOLVED to get and use these foods!!!! Without them we fall ill!!!! If you were living in the wild, you would eat fruit continuously (and vegetables and herbs then when fruit runs out), it is the food of choice for every primate. People are put off buying vitamins, partly because those things are such competition to the heinous pharmaceutical drug industry. We eat (me included, but if I had more money I would be able to eat more unprocessed food because it's expensive and what you should do is surround yourself by it) processed food because it's cheap, very quick to eat and because we're literally ADDICTED to it, just like we would be to heroin or another drug. We're also evolved to spend a very large amount of our time foraging: stretching, bending and walking. When you think of how unbelievably good exercising is for you, you see how it all fits together.
    7. Lawyers aren't such bad people I think. Personally I found no evidence of them being selfish bastards. I would say bankers are far, farrrr worse. You can say that people will do what they can to get money (even prostitutes).... but when you put people in charge of the counting house and find later that they took much of the money... it's hard to know what logic they came up with for that.
    8. The reason we (and the UK) allowed so many immigrants in isn't because the government was so kind-hearted looking out for these people, it's because a) they saw the economic opportunity of importing cheap labour, damned to hell be the Irish (the people they are suppose to protect) who were down on their luck b) they had no effective system in place to keep control of them (that would require work and intelligence).
    9. The reason the US and Israel summarily attack Arab countries is to destroy their economies. I'm afraid of Iran and nuclear weapons and all that as well... but the way the media are so anti-Arab it's ridiculous, they treat us like morons (apart from Robert Fisk and others who say how it really is).
    10. You know universities? Those grand institutions where people are taught to become excellent and productive members of society? They're not really even needed. You can learn anything from books just as easily if not more easily. They are also really corrupt, at least they don't damage people's health while at it (like pharmaceuticals), but they get millions of euros of research funding every year to tell us "That type of chocolate may lower the incidence of this type of cancer". Meanwhile almost NOBODY EVER suggests that you should take cocoa in powder form, (basically as it is in nature) which is what I do every day.
    11. Furthurmore, considering we barely survived the past 70 years of nuclear energy, are we really going to survive the next 70 million years of it? I doubt it very much. What's marketed as "progress" nowadays, is immensely dangerous research. Unless we find the ability to colonise space pretty soon and for some reason it turns out to be almost impossible to make a nuclear explosion that affects whole galaxies.... I think we're all going to be dead because of those scientists and that "progress".
    12. The minorities and (sometimes insanely, sometimes not at all) females have far more rights and supposedly deserve a lot more than anyone else. If you've ever been the victim of a crime, it helps immensely if you can put some kind of "intolerance" angle in there, whether it be that you're homosexual, you're a different religion, whatever it is. The more a minority you are, the better you'll be treated by far and the more everyone will be in the palm for you hand. Whatever nonsensical complaint it is, if you felt "upset" (no matter how stupid it was), they're going to have to pay for it. And not only THAT but some people will think they are ABOVE you and they can see furthur and you're just a narrow-minded fool who isn't keeping up with modern times.
    13. If you ever are visited by the police or (hopefully not) arrested, usually your best chance is to very little and DO NOT TRY TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING. Act like a professional criminal, they're the experts at it. Don't say "well if I explain and they see I'm a down-to-earth, honest to goodness individual, then they'll say there's no problem". Also gardai lie all the time, they're sneaky bastards and if they see you as a potential arrest will try to get you to say things to get you into trouble. Don't believe me on this one? Look at this blog that was written by an actual police officer:
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    Everyone has an agenda. The Religious Sisters of Charity, who were behind the report a few weeks ago, want to make this look like a major problem, because they want a crackdown on all prostitution. The Gardai have an incentive to minimise the problem, because it makes a convenient excuse for not having caught anyone. The truth is probably that there is trafficking, not a lot, and mostly at the cheaper end of the business.

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