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Thread: TS fanciers are surely having their fill.

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    Default TS fanciers are surely having their fill.

    Is it just me or has the number of these TS beauties / creatures swelled like never before ? As of today there are 15 servicing the descernible Dublin TS fancier.
    I thought all you TS fans were on a go slow to bring their 300 / hr expectations back to reality ? Judging by this lot your attack on their rates has been less than successful. There are more arriving on every boat & still looking for their 300.

    I always found it hard to understand how someone on female hormone treatment can still get a stiffy & produce the baby-batter. I am but a mere spectator though. Just my tuppence worth.

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    It must be a record.....
    So god does answer prayers.........
    Keep praying Ricflair......... keep praying................
    No wonder I haven't seen him here as much..........

    PS - Ric, if you happen to come across the lotto numbers and you're to busy to make it to the shop, just give me a shout..............Cheers..........
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