Those of you who, like me, remember the 70's and 80's, think back for a minute.
Those of you who are too young, try to imagine the situation.
There are few good jobs in Ireland.
In much of the country there are few jobs of any kind.
Anyone with more ambition than luck has to leave.
Maybe temporarily. Maybe permanently. Probably reluctantly.
To England. To America. To Australia.
Everywhere Irishmen get together after a hard day's work and drink.
And complain.
About everything.
About the weather.
About Ireland and the fecking eejits who turned it into a country without jobs.
About the country where they've settled.
Especially about the country where they've settled.
About how nothing there works as expected.
About how the people are unfriendly and treat them like shite.

Complaining about the country you've emigrated to is normal.
If you don't know this from personal experience, trust me.

Ireland is now a country where people come and complain.
Be happy.
For centuries it was a country people left to complain about elsewhere.
And don't think it couldn't happen again.
In twenty years we may meet after work in a pub in Gdansk to complain about how the Polish foreman treats us like shite.