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Thread: Does a part of you not feel this is modern day slavery...?

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    Default Does a part of you not feel this is modern day slavery...?

    Human trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery.

    We've all seen it. The fake smile, the look of fear, the feeling that this is really wrong. That they're being violated and used. Maybe not all the time... but sometimes... you can just see it. And I bet you do NOTHING about it do you...?

    You do nothing to help, you just wash your hands clean even though you KNOW this person is being abused and a modern day slave. Okay, you are just taking part in a transaction of services. But for the love of god at LEAST try to be NICE to this person, essentially a sex slave, who is trying to provide their body for your pleasure, who is a HUMAN BEING as well!!! in a lot less fortunate position than you and do everything required to make the event a good one.

    It's systematic abuse.... let's be upfront and call a spade a spade. These sex slaves are being controlled by massive corrupt organisations for your benefit and titillation in order to generate money for themselves. Sometimes nearly HALF of their meagre earnings are robbed by the very people supposed to protect them. I know the problem is a lot worse in eastern europe...

    Being ordered around by halfwits to do demeaning work every day.... forcibly trafficked to work every day (or facing continuous, extreme pressure to go and being left with barely enough to eat and have sex once a month).... continually stuck in traffic snarl-ups... taking abuse from people who only got their position by whoring themselves out for years.... and supposed to put on a happy face and act like everything's fine.

    Meanwhile the people with dream jobs, such as prostitutes, CEOs, bankers etc. (who often only got there by being lucky and charismatic and bullying), just take everything. However at least prostitutes are actual PRODUCERS, just like the person working on the ground, as opposed to bankers, many managerial positions, most of the people working in government, etc. who are just thieving middlemen that there is no need for.

    Note: Actually I'm not feeling particularly bad about the situation or anything, I'm just speaking like how the news media do sometimes.
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