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Thread: Ric Flair - Loser ?

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    Default Ric Flair - Loser ?

    YouTube - Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels retirement match.
    YouTube - Shawn Michales HBK Ending Rick Flair 36 years

    In September 2007, Flair opened a financial business called Ric Flair Finance.In July 2008, Ric Flair Finance filed for bankruptcy.

    Ric Flair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Mad Stuff !

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    Unhappy Test is dead?

    Shit! Andrew "Test" Martin has died? The guy was only 33 FFS!!!

    RIP brother.

    Andrew Martin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Escort of the Month and E-I Interview Blogs;

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    Default ric flair, scotty hall and gold dust


    riccy flower just soooo isnt a loser. ric is a champion of freedom of expression esp for people like me ducky.

    now i,m not one to gossip, but

    ric got onto a plane only wearing his beautiful sequined gold cape and his boots

    oh yes, it was time the ric flower and scotty Hall and Goldy dust got the plane back from europe and had a big sex party and orgy in the plane

    oh it was wild, apparently Scotty Hall begged all night for someone to suck his cock and even licked the face of one of the flight attendants.

    and that big brute Gold dust allegedly grabbed one flight attendant and announced to everyone that he was going to have sex with her. JUST TO PROVE THAT HE WASNT GAY!!!!!

    but the star of the show was the blond bombshell himself ric flair who had the flight attendants begging him for a feel of his big cock and fighting over who could hold it the mostest

    so you see, ric isnt a loser, hes a champion of exhibitionism, flamboyancy and PINK rights. he,ll always be my hero ducky

    up ducky riccy


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