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Thread: Escorting in the media....

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    Default Escorting in the media....

    I turned on BBC1 a little while ago and saw something called "The Stepford Wives" on and from the little bit I saw I thought it was a documentary or something on prostitutes and wife relations. And I thought "wow, I didn't think BBC would show that...!!!"... but then I realised it was a movie (yes, I know, I should have known it was a movie)... and I somehow felt better.

    You ever get that feeling? Do you understand what I mean? I want escorting to remain like our little secret . This is sort of why I want it to remain officially illegal as well, I want to be committing a heinous and depraved act.

    I don't want it to be all over the place everywhere (well unless they're saying how awful it is ). Channel 4 is okay, but not the BBC and elsewhere and especially not glamourised.

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    Default I'm with you brother.

    I have to agree with this, to a point.
    Any of us brought up under the yoke of catholicism can probably dig that. It's a bit of the naughty boy in me. It's a bit like the English escort who told me demand for A-levels here is far higher than elsewhere. We go after the forbidden fruit. Part of the attraction is the stigma attached to it & we want subconsciously to give 2 fingers to the bullshit drilled into us as children.
    Sodom & Gomorrah & all that shite. Look at Holland, legalised hashish & prostitution & the locals have no hang-ups about any of it. It's the drug & sex tourists who create all the fuss.
    If we were more mature about these industries we'd legalise both aswell & collect a hell of a lot more taxes, have regular, compulsory health checks & drive the scum that are the pimps & dealers out of business. Win, win. But our government won't face down the moral brigade, instead chosing to pretend to fight the never winnable battle against sex & vice.
    The folly of it all.
    If prostitution was legalised would the attraction be gone for any of you fellow punters ?
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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    Default Illegal Attraction?

    Hey, gents!!

    It's hard to say what would happen in Ireland if suddenly prostitution (let alone cannibis or other drugs) became legal, but as for me, I don't think that I would PERSONALLY lose interest in punting, or find it less attractive, or less of a thrill, if it were by some slim and unlikey chance to become legal here.

    But that being said, it's difficult to speculate on our feelings on the matter if we'd grown-up with it always being there, being with us and available, like in the Netherlands (as you probably know, cannibis and prostitution were still technically 'illegal' but were 'decriminalised' and 'tolerated' long before they finally became fully legal, and thus govt-regulated). How would it have been for any of us if we'd grown-up in the Netherlands? I have several Dutch friends, all youngish lads in their 20's, and they've all claimed to have NEVER seen a prostitute in their lives! One of these lads was even going to The UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM, and still claims to have never visited one!! Can you imagine? Living and studying right in A-Dam, and NEVER going to enjoy the World-Class ladies they have in the Red Light District there? I've been there at least 7 times in the last 5 years!! I can't imagine if I were to move there; I'd have to discipline and restrict myself to something like 1 or 2 punts a week (no more than 100 Euro a week) so I'd still have enough money to pay the rent and bills!!

    I read an interesting article the other day about cannibis use in the U.S., and it compared stats with those of the Netherlands, and the findings were striking. It said that less then 20% of people in the Netherlands in a qustionaire admitted to using marijuana (at least once), while something like 43% of Americans admitted in a similar questionaire to using it, despite it being illegal there! There really does seem to be some attraction to all things forbidden, and it no doubt would affect us too.

    Maybe there would be a 'growing period' if it were all (hypothetically) to become legal here. I'd still go in for it, definately, but I already don't punt all that often, at least compared to some; I usually save my extra punting cash for 'splurges' on holidays or quick trips to A-Dam, and get it all out of my system elsewhere, because, as you know, your money goes a bit further in other places (Eastern Europe, A-Dam, etc.). But if I'm not going out of town, I'd say I'm getting some action from the pro's here about once every 6 weeks or so. If it were to become legal here, and if the average prices were to stay the same, I'd still probably go for it with the same frequency as I do now. But would we all be like my Dutch friends if we'd grown up with it, despite it being comparatively cheaper? Would we have the same attitudes as them? I can't imagine havin grown-up in the Netherlands, being the 'wank-aholic' that I was (and ok, still AM)! Think back to being 17, horny as hell, and imagine living as a kid in Amsterdam having 50 quid in your pocket, and the Red Light District is just a short walk away. Could you have been able to resist? I'm not sure how my friends did, but that's what they've all said, and I can't think as to why they would lie about, especially when they know full-well that I visit them so frequently over there with a 'dual purpose'.

    Anyway, what's your thoughts on the issue?

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