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Thread: Liz Hilton-Black American-Georgina

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    Angry Liz Hilton-Black American-Georgina

    Liz your life. Don't write about me in your personal blog's when you have never meet me in person and you do not know anything about me or my clients at all.
    I know you just trying to make clients using my name but it is not going to work.

    There is few girls out there using my name but they don't know me at all!!!!

    Guys don't beleve a thing from these girls about me. AVOID THESE GIRLS!!!!!

    Anyway I am doing something about it ASAP, I am sending Patricia few PM'S

    I will get rid of these bitches, promise.

    Sexy Naomi is gone

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    Which girls besides mad Lizzy are using your name? She's just jealous of you because your young and beautiful. Something she's not. See what she done to Malena and Carmen and also spread lies about Annasavicha. A real fruit and nutcase.

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