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Thread: TV/TS first timer and some qs

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    Really wanted to visit a TV/TS escort for some time now but quite nervous. Just wondering would it be a problem to visit a TV/TS and just enjoy some French kissing and oral without having to interact with their "surprise" if you know what I mean. Unsure about that aspect of it but I find these girls so sexy and really would like to visit them. Any TVs/TS escort that could put my mind at ease.

    PS has anyone visited TV Suzy Brown as she looks amazing and really sexy?


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    They will all listen to you. You don't have to do anything you don't want as do they.

    Call up quick chat re what you'd like to do and go from there. You only pay for time.....

    Suzys reviews look of

    Give her a call

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    Have a pint,give em a call. Explain your a first timer. They totally get it, and you may end up giving her your mouth very happyly

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    With respect. There's a big difference between a TS and a TV. You need to decide first if you would be comfortable kissing a man dressed as a woman

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