Going back to work at 6pm after 10 weeks off, and feeling damn shitty. How the hell do you girls come back after long break? Ok so o/h is with me now, but missing one very special person, feeling a little blue, how do you do it?? Had a ball over last 10 weeks and managed to meet 2 fabulous ladies on here again, but still not looking forward to work and at least your clients are happy to see you, mine are at an all time low and hate me.

Not only that, but Tesla is gone back and I need to look for new apartment and " friend" changed team song in lead cat from Killers to "eye of the tiger" although seeing as we will be spending most of weekend in jungle I may give her that.

You know from my posts I have the utmost respect for the ladies on here, but now you can add admiration of the highest, always said you are great and not appreciated enough, but it must be hard, all tips gratefully accepted.

And if you do see a very short fat man on the street carrying a sandwich board and handing out free pizza coupons come over and say hello or just PM

Thank you ladies