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    Hey folks, not sure if this is going in the right section, fingers crossed.

    Curious about the adult cinema behind the adult shop on mary st in dublin, firstly, is it still open, second, what might one expect if they were to visit? laslty, how much?

    Have never tried one, im a straight guy just looking for something a bit different. Called past there earlier this eve but it was all closed up.

    Any info from someone on here that might have visited would be hugely appreciated.

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    Hey Mrkendal,

    I haven't been to this one but have visited the one on Dorset Street which is attached to the sex shop. It is €12 entry if I remember correctly which gives you entry for the whole day. I went at night and there was two guys there. It's quite small with only about 15 seats. There were two other guys there when I went, its mainly for bi or gay lads to meet is what they said from chatting to them. There was a bi porn film on when I was there and you basically just worked away yourself! Didn't stay too long, had been past quite a few times and wanted to experience it.

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    It's really uncomfortable

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    Cheers for the heads up guys. Still in 2 mind's.

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