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Thread: What to expect??

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    I'm going for my first erotic massage today.
    What should I expect? How different is it from the other side of escorting? What services should I expect and which normally cost extra?

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    I'm in the same boat as you, its all quite vague

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    Is it not self explanatory?

    Massage & tension relief at the end of the session.

    Keep us posted, might try.

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    It sort of depends who you go and see. Imagine a massage you would normally get from a non sex worker. .. u normally get that to begin with to relax except youre naked and the girl is either topless or naked. Some like Ana massage will use warm oils and then slide across your body using different parts of her body ! Selene exotic massage will massage places u didnt know needed massaging, and no sports physio would go !
    Once ur totally relaxed , turn over and finish with a happy ending.
    If done properly its both deeply relaxing and horny at the same time...having Anna massage warm oil onto your dick....definitely worth trying out.
    Shouldnt have to pay any extras..altho some also provide a full escort service which of course will be extra at their normal rates.

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    It's like mellors said. You just go for normal massage but with peace of mid that at the end it will be really nice. Usually the whole session is arranged in a way that at the end you have really powerful relief...

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