Yep, next Friday is officially "Adopt a Punter Day"

Here at EI towers, we have listened to your complaints and now ladies, you can officially "adopt a punter" for one glorious day only and let him see the real escort experience

Train him well and soon he will be answering your time waster calls, running your bath, making sure chilled drinks are in stock, and be your bathroom attendant to stop others taking a dump on your throne.
He will even count and label your knickers, strip search the clients before they leave, clean up his mess and check the bushes outside for dodgy lurkers

If you are really lucky he might be able to double as security, but this cannot be guaranteed unless the personal insurance waiver is signed.

So there you have it ladies...adopt a punter and he might just realise yours is not an easy job.

Please read the small print

from the people who brought you "bring your child to work" and "wifes swap

here is the small print..just here, ....yes its there, just really really small