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    anyone kmow about escort service in Berlin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohei View Post
    anyone kmow about escort service in Berlin?
    I asked this a Couple of weeks ago , but got no replies, but I went back on the thread and there is some info earlier ,

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    Yes there's a lot of info out there. Berlin is full of options only 1 real FKK club in Artemis, a few good gang bang club options - Erlebeniswohnung, Anni Porsche several regular brothels and even flatrate clubs - Caligula, Airport girls. All of these have websites.

    The law will change on July 1, 2017, with implications that sex workers have to register and get counselling, that OWO is gone with severe fines and gang bang and flatrate clubs will also be affected and probably gone!

    Let us know how you get on with detailed reports, please!
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    Ride them on the beaches!

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