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  1. Default Your first experience with EI...

    Sorry if this is already on the forum, please delete if so, I'm new here and don't wanna annoy anyone at all! 😊
    Hello everyone by the way! 🙌🏼

    I haven't visited that many ladies to be honest,
    It's an occasional treat when I really need it and like a certain girl. Not just what's available.
    So I was just was being nosey and wondering what other people's first experiences were like?
    If it was bad, did it put you off etc.

    To get he ball rolling mine was in Dublin when I had to stay there overnight a couple of years ago and I built up the courage to call a girl after so many months of just perusing the pages.

    But I have to say, I was blown away. The girl in question was incredibly beautiful, knew
    I was nervous and had never done this before and really made it a fantastic experience for me.
    One that has actually only been maybe beaten quite recently for me. Nothing after it ever lived up to it. Would love to see that girl again sometime I'm in Dublin, but I don't think she's active on here anymore which is a real shame! Ha ha!
    Sorry for waffling on, just new and curious! Nice to meet you all. : )

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    Ok, I'll bite.

    My first visit did not start well - a few things happened that would make me walk now, but in the end I am glad I stayed. It was in a town I didn't really know, and I now believe there are perhaps no good locations there. It was a windy day, and hard to hear directions. When I found the street the only place matching the description was a tiny decrepit cottage at the edge of town. It literally had long grass growing in the gutters! When I got there, the phone was not answered. I waited around for about 25 minutes, phone in hand, and (I realised later) very conspicuous. I had driven a long way, and was not ready to give up easily. A guy eventually came out of the cottage, and - surprise, surprise - 10 minutes later the phone was answered, and 10 minutes after that I was in.

    She was sharing the cottage with a TS and their dog, both of whom were quite noisy.

    Apart from that the experience was pretty wonderful - otherwise my EI career would have started and ended that day.

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    Wow! Thanks for sharing man. That's a crazy enough first step on the road alright. Yeah I wasn't too sure of my way around Dublin and it's always the worst part trying to find where you need to be. Yeah I'd have ended my interest in it if mine hadn't been such a good experience. The 2nd and 3rd almost ended it tho. Ha ha! Well for a while anyway.
    Any escorts out there wanna share their stories too of their first appointment or anything? Maybe it's just me that finds stuff like this interesting. 😐

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    On an old long abandoned account (due to using minutemail or something and a stupid password I've long forgot) I browsed and lurked for years. Always had the notion, never had the balls (what with being 20 something still holding his V card).

    Eventually 4/5ish years ago plucked up the courage to make a call. Stumbled my way though it, made the booking. Tried to talk myself out of it all night until D-Day. Called for directions, got info on door access, made my way in no problem, and the rest is history

    Then had my hours cut big time and an overtime ban on so just hadn't the dough again until a few months ago (apart from a 1 off relapse in the middle).

    Account abandoned 13/04/2017

    Thanks for the good times.

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    My first experience before EI was terrible. You could only get details in a magazine then or pick a girl up in Burlington Rd and go back to her appartment.

    My first EI was brilliant, as i chose a well reviewed escort.

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    Jesus , it's a long time ago looking through a magazine called( in Dublin ) got a taste of a Spanish lady of d2 went back again and hooked lol

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    Mine was quick and easy. Little to no talking, just straight to business and it was probably my best experience

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    I was a latecomer to the internet.
    In 84I got the basics of Basic, but said fuck that, eff you M. Zuckerberg nd your billions.
    But 2012 got the better of me, had a look at the site on an old button phone(partial internet access).
    Remember nothing from then except an escort who is still here but with a different name.
    Roll on two more years and I cave in to smart phones (which often make you act stupidly).
    My first real experience of EI was massage.
    She was young, I was old.
    But in life experience, she was old, I was callow..
    She had stretchmarks (and children) with a far older husband but they had split., so she opted for a boyfriend far, far, older again. It was good and not good at the same time. The towel in the bathroom was damp and grotty(only time I have criticised a bathroom - girls are sugar and spice and all that).
    I said, are you here next week?
    She said no but xxxx is.
    I studiously avoided xxxx for months after(she is now long gone).
    So massage was ok but peripherals were not.

    Second time, I was told to go to a certain location, a cafe.
    I knew it as a pub from years before and was unsure so spent too long checking out the location - phone went dead.

    My third and fourth times were perfectly fine, they still occasionally return to Ireland and I would hope to meet. Them again sometime.
    10,000 years of Middle Eastern civilisation and the place is not at peace but rather in pieces.

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    Mine was great nervous but excited to

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