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    I was looking for a latina experience in Cork, and my preferred escort (with verified photos and reviews allowed) wasn't answering. I suspect she was busy, being incredibly hot. So, against my better judgment I went for a certain latina escort who was advertising here at the time, with verified photos, but reviews not allowed. The advert has since been taken down, hopefully after being reported to E-I.

    Long story short: La chica no habla espanol. She was about as latina as vodka. And while she was attractive, she was overweight - which just isn't my thing. The "apartment" was an absolutely shithole with black mould on the bathroom tiles, no toilet seat. You could say that it was right at the city limits and pretty comical.

    Having driven an hour to get there, I went ahead with the booking, and while I can't complain about any of the treatment, in retrospect I wish I had walked out as I just wasn't that into the offering. She then proceeded to quote for more than was advertised, which made the whole discreet envelope situation rather awkward. The whole thing culminated in her begging for the coins that she heard jangle in my pocket as I was getting dressed. That was just embarrassing and undignified for both of us. I don't think she is aiming for repeat business but if anyone else in Cork wants to avoid this, feel free to PM me for details.
    The Other Doc

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    Correction: this person is still advertising . Photos are still endorsed by EI as "verified".

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    And now no longer verified! Thanks E-I.

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    And now verified again. What a joke. There is absolutely no value in the Verified Photos if it's this easy to spoof E-I.
    The Other Doc

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