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    I was in Irish bar tonight and heard a conversation that 4 old guys in their 60s talking about Escort..And one guy said he book a 20 year's old last week and met her and his words..She was a great piece of shag and nice tight pussy that love fucking into that she couldn't look at me as she hated it but I enjoy pound fuck out of her as I came..At that stage I said to them show a little respect to them Escorts as it not easy business for them..He laugh and said to me go and shag one and you won't forget experience..I said do ever think that Escort might not want to have sex with every client..He laugh again and said she getting well pay for it..That when I walk out of pub..A little respect goes a long way with everyone what ever business they work in..It make you think what they has to go through as it can't be easy..
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