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Thread: Kilkenny Street Scene

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    Cool Kilkenny Street Scene

    I know this is probably a long shot but is there a street scene in Kilkenny. I've read on other posts of a street scene in Letterkenny and Sligo, and thought someone might know of one in Kilkenny. I, like most other people, M fed up of being fleeced by the touring girls and independents, where it's 150 for half an hour, whether you have sex with them or just get oral. Sometimes, I just fancy a bit of oral, and if there was a street scene in Kilkenny, I'd probably get it for a lot less than 150. hopefully someone can help me anyway. Thanks lads.

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    Default looking back

    I got a few rides in Kilkenny a few years ago. I don't know if its still there, but I remember a few girls used to hang around Carrolls pub (the place where a lot of cream-crackers drink) Sometimes they are even sitting in the bar having a drink. A bit rough at the time but still if you're after a quick one it serves the purpose. Give it a try anyway

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    Thanks Leo. I went up there last night but I was probably too early. Its a pity cos I was bloody horny. Does anone else know of anywhere in Kilkenny. I know that there are two south american escorts in town at the moment but they are €150 for half an hour, and I've seen both of them around town recently and they definitely don't look good.

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