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Thread: 50 bad\weird first dates....whats yours?

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    Default 50 bad\weird first dates....whats yours?

    We've all had them, weird\bad first dates, and not just in the escort world, in fact vanilla dating is a big reason I turned to escorts!

    Anyway, here are a few genuine ones of mine

    1/ Talked online for hours and hours, exchanged pictures etc etc, finally moved to the coffee meet.
    So there we were getting on famously, all the little flirtation signs were there, this is going really well I thought.
    Finally we leave and walk outside when she suddenly whispers to me "Please dont follow me" and pushes an envelope into my hand.
    Flabbergasted I rip it open and it says

    "If you are reading this then I really like you. However, my ex gave me a really bad STD and I cant have sex anymore, ever.
    I just wanted to see what it was like to be normal for a while, I didnt intend tio actually meet anyone just chat online. Please dont contact me again and thanks.

    Blimy eh?

    2/ Met her online, on Ashley madison actually (yes here are real people on it)
    eventually she told me her phone her and then put me through some sort of bizzare telephone interview about my job, sex life etc etc.
    managed to pass so then moved onto the meet and drink.
    She was there early and as I approached her table, she asked me to turn around slowly?? wtf I thought but hey might as well.
    Sat down and then she stood up and moved next to me, squeezed my knee and said "Do you like porn? Because I love it"
    She then proceeded to show me her phone with a LOT of bookmarked porn vids.
    Then it started to get weird
    "Can you do this to me?" A vid of a bloke standing and fucking whilst holding her. Oh my poor back I thought!
    "Or this" a vid of a bloke absolutely powering into some poor lass on a beach.

    "I like toys as well, do you want to see?" Then proceeds to open her handbag which contains numerous vibes, handcuffs and dildo's

    First time I ever ran away from a shag, i would have got eaten alive!

    3/ I suggested coffee but she wanted to go for a meal.
    Next door to the hotel restaurant where we were meeting which was perfectly fine btw, was a very expensive thai restaurant.
    So of course she wanted to go there.
    She then proceeded to order what seemed like every dish on the menu and 2 bottles of wine. Not one, but two!
    She was really giving it a good go at the food and had most of it gone pretty quickly! I didnt get much conversation out of her, but then she started burping and making strange noises.
    She apologised and said " Oh Ive just remembered, spicy food repeats on me" and collapsed in a pile of giggles

    Didnt see her again!

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    A friend of mine had a few beers on night abroad on holidays.
    He met this really fantastic looking girl.
    She invited him down to the beach and gave him a blow job, then she put a knife to his neck and told him it was "her" turn.

    What did you do I asked?
    Well, he answered do you see any scars? showing me his neck.

    True story.

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    Mine was where she said in profile if it it wasn't her in the pictures she'd pay my taxi home, we had a great sex session but when over and I was putting the light on to get dressed, I noticed it wasn't her so said what about that taxi home then. Fcuk you and your taxi, she said
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