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    Right lads ive a nightmare ahead of me this weekend ive to go to a stag party in gorey wexford was wondering does anyone know or have any advice on trying to get a meeting with girl or girls over the 2 days I'm there thanks anything will help

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    Sorry but I'm laughing at Gorey in the sex tourism section. Gorey in the big time .
    My only advice is don't meet an escort in Gorey while on the stag as other lads love to carry tales and if some are doing the same thing you'll probably be spotted or the escort will probably mention it for a laugh. My other advice is don't drink and drive. Jump on a train to Wexford or Arklow for an hour or two and tell everyone it's a work or family or friend emergency.

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    The escort density is very low outside of major cities, you have to be very lucky to find anything and not get robbed

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