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    Can anyone tell me what girls MAY be staying in Hotels on Dublin rd on way out of Cork ? yes I'm too lazy to ring round and seeing as I will be staying in one tomorrow evening, thought it might be more convenient than draggin myself all round the city :P Told yis I was lazy PM me if possible, as I wouldnt want any ladies put in an awkward position (not entirely true of course

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    land of pigmies

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    Seems like the old Dublin/Waterford road out of Cork is like the last chance saloon for some erotic pleasures of the flesh before one departs the real capital for the other capital....a veritable Goldenfountain of debauchery and sin. Sure Sodom and Gomorrah would only cum a poor second to that venerable venue perched on a little rise overlooking the beautiful River Lee.

    F*** it, I could brake into song at the thought of it......."where we sported and played neath yon green leafy shade, on the Banks of my own lovely the S************ Hotel."

    Deja vu, deja vu, deja vu.

    I think this thread should be turned into one of those sticky would save the Cork brothers cuming up with the same damn fool questions every other week.

    Nbt, any news of the A****** L****? Is she still open for punting business?

    I have'nt been to Cork in a long time......but with all the publicity it's been getting recently, I think it could certainly be worth a visit in the near future. So ladies, I will soon be announcing Marvado's 2009 Field Trip to the are all cordially invited.

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