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    I read an interesting article lately about somebody who deliberate decided to follow the click trail of some fake twitter profiles and see where it eventually led to. If I remember right it was mostly just chargeable porn, cam girl or dating sites.

    It got me thinking about some of the obvious fake profiles on here. For the most part they seem fairly obvious to spot so I don't know if they're doing any harm.

    This is probably a naive question but it got me thinking what are the likely realities behind the obvious fake profiles on here?

    Different (less attractive) girls? Garda stings? Something more sinister?

    As a side note, have any of you ever taken a complete wildcard gamble on somebody you thought was almost definitely a fake profile and they turned out to be genuine?

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    Dont think there is anything sinister behind it. Just a ploy to get punters to the door. Same as listing all favourites available.
    Just not going to be the escort in the pic. Doesnt necessarily mean they are unattractive just not what was advsrtised.
    Rarely escorts use a fake profile for valid reasons but thats the exception. Remember many have more than one profile ( apart from massage which they are allowed.

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