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Thread: Escorts Olympics 3 - Vote for your favorite Olympic Duo

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    Default Escorts Olympics 3 - Vote for your favorite Olympic Duo


    Synchro swimming events have just started in the Rio Olympics and here is the parallel and sexier version of the competition!
    We are looking for the best Duo in Escort Ireland!

    All the Duos with verified pictures advertising on the site from now until the end of the competition are automatically nominated.
    These are the Duos that meet the requirements so far:

    Alessia and Evelyn:

    Anastasia and Christian:

    Aura and Paula:

    Stay tuned! In a few days you will be able to vote for the best synchronized duo!

    Remember the rules:
    Each user can nominate only one escort.
    Escorts can nominate other escorts too, but not themselves.
    You can only nominate escorts that are currently advertising.
    PLEASE: Ad a picture and a link to the profile of the escort you are nominating.
    See more rules in the Escort Olympics thread:!
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