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    Looking for escorts in dublin who enjoy kissing with tongue

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    Don't take this personally but things that stop DFK;

    Lack of mouthwash
    Foamy mouth from chewing gum
    Breathing right into your partners nose
    Theres one more to gross to say - no,2

    **I insisted one fella who insisted he was fresh use mouthwash, I later went into the bathroom to find the basin with bits of food where he had not rinsed the sink after himself

    Also why do some men drool when kissing?

    Now, if anyone wants to think I am bitching, feel free but I happen to think it is worth knowing certain things to make a visit enjoyable rather then go away afterwards confused and disappointed.

    The vast majority of visitors are lovely and respectful it is the few who refuse to even wash their hands who get told off
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    Hello x

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeds1992 View Post
    Looking for escorts in dublin who enjoy kissing with tongue
    I like a good french kiss,

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    I offer french kissing.

    Sandy x
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    Please do what you can for her daughter. Deeply appreciated.

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