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    I was reading an article where gay or bisexual male escorts where doing no business and have turned it around now by dolling themselves up as TV's, one saying its took very little effort and cost nothing as only a few items were needed to be purchased and all stocked in local department store and now business is much better for him and he's getting more customers than before who are interested.
    I can understand the TS thing but TV's I can not and certainly wouldnt pay for it as not for me but if the transition or make over makes good money for him and others like him then well done and good luck
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    This sounds like 'fake tv' anyway, that is not new thing babe.. fake Tv's and fake Ts's are everywhere nowadays.. there are some gay escorts who sometimes work as Tv did the breast operation so that they can be a 'temporary Ts' and advertise as Ts, considering Ts rate is higher than others. They just want to make money and once they have earned enough, they will remove the breast and turn back to who they really are.. I actually don't mind if this is how they have to do to for living but at the other hand i feel disappointed because this will give us genuine ts a bad name..

    Some male/gay escorts does look good when they work as Tv.. And some Tv's looks even better than Ts's.. And some Ts's looks more like Tv.. My point is, no matter if you like Ts or Tv or Cd or whatever, as long as you like what you see, just go for it and try it yourself and NEVER SAY NEVER

    Femininity is actually based on your natural looks with good skin condition/complextion and nice body shape otherwise, hormones is required to do some changes to get the femininity.. Some people in all gender are very lucky to be born with a natural beauty and baby face look.. With this natural things, they will look good no matter what they want to be and take this as an advantage to make money..

    To live as Ts is not something that you can pretend and not just to make money.. It must come deep inside your heart that you are actually born in a wrong body.. There are many who couldn't afford Ts prices and that's why they go to Tv instead and that's why demands for Tv is higher than Ts.. but i do believe that there are still punters who still can afford and willing to pay the standard rates for us the genuine Transsexuals.. Cheers and good luck to all uf us no matter who we are

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