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Thread: Help.How i can start?????

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    i have a question....maybe somebody tell me how i can start , how this looks like, what i need and other....i'm atractiv, blond girl from Poland. Write me on this mail:

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    Smile hi

    what part of ireland you in

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    We welcome all starters and provide everything you will need.
    If you are interested in becoming an escort or are already an escort and would like to work for a sophisticated agency look no further.

    We offer the following:
    * An established list of clients.
    * A clean working enviroment.
    * A various choice of locations to work from
    * Security
    * Transportation
    * Flexible working hours to suit you
    * Friendly and easy going staff
    * Photographer
    * A lady runned agency

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    Shit they'll even show you how to work 15 hr. days, 7 day weeks, charge you rent for the crappy appartment you work from & relieve you of 60% of your earnings.
    They sound perfect for a vulnerable girl.

    Joking aside though, I advise you to steer clear of these agency vultures. Have a look at this site & read some threads. Get a feel for girls who are independent & sound like they have their heads screwed on & PM them seeking some help.
    Most of the independents should be helpful & give you an idea of the dos & donts.

    As for me ? Well, I'm willing to sacrifice my time to give you a few pointers from the punters prospective. Just tell me when we can meet & I'll do my best to free myself & promise not to charge for the service !
    When I'm the Minister for Revenge Bertie's ring will be twitching !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sophisticated Agency View Post
    We welcome all starters and provide everything you will need.

    Im north dublin or drogheda at the moment, I will be available from june onwards , have you any work around this area?


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