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Thread: Mourning the loss of the ff seamed stockings!!!!!!!

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    Default Mourning the loss of the ff seamed stockings!!!!!!!

    Ah stockings! Most escorts Iv'e been with lately, when asked to ware stockings will put on hold ups. Although better then nothing, there not half as sexy as with suspenders with ff seamed stockings. Even more sexier if there the old fashioned RHT non stretch seamed stockings. These combined with a pencil type skirt, a white, tight blouse with black stiletto heels............soooooooooo sexy!!!!! No girl I have asked has had these in her wardrobe. There used to be a mature woman I would meet who worked along the road at the back entrance to the Burlington Hotel (18 + years ago) who would dress almost like this. One of the sexiest women I was ever with. I can't believe there is only a few of us out there who are into this.
    There is a few profiles on this site who dress like this but they would be dominatrix type escorts which is something I would not be into. But the look, looks great!
    So girls.................any takers out there, or is this 50's style lost forever...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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    100% with you on that one. Christina Hendricks character on Mad Men - does it for me every time.

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