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Thread: Carlow 14th&15 then Waterford Cork Limerick Cashel Mullingar Enniskillen Sligo

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    Default Carlow 14th&15 then Waterford Cork Limerick Cashel Mullingar Enniskillen Sligo

    Hello Honey

    Lots of new places for me to explore

    My first visit to most of these beautiful Cities

    I have visited Enniskillen as I do like to return to places with naughty gentlemen who ring book and arrive

    Can these Cites be as good as the Fun guys in Fermanagh?

    I am independent

    I answer my own phone

    People who book then do not arrive and do not cancel are ruining the fun

    If you book and can not come you must cancel

    If you book you must confirm 30 minutes before you are due to arrive

    I usually have people waiting to see me and contact a waiting person if I have not had confirmation

    Due to timewasters I do welcome short notice enquires, a no show may mean your luck is in - ring and see

    ******************************************************************************** **************************************


    14th 1pm to 11pm
    15th 9am to 11pm
    16th 9am to 11am morning


    16th 1pm to 11pm
    17th 9am to 11pm
    18th 9am to 11pm


    19th 12 noon to 11pm
    20th 9am to 11pm
    21st 9am to 11pm
    22nd 9am to 11pm
    23rd 9am to 1pm


    23rd 3pm to 11pm
    24th 9am to 11pm
    25th 9am to 11pm
    26th 9am to 11pm
    27th 9am to 11pm
    28th 9am to 1pm


    29th 9am to 11pm
    30th 9am to 11pm
    31st 9am to 11pm
    1st 9am to 11pm
    2nd 9am to 11pm


    3rd 1pm to 11pm
    4th 9am to 11am


    4th 1pm to 11pm
    5th 9am to 11pm
    6th 9am to 1pm


    6th 4pm to 11pm
    7th 9am to 11pm
    8th 9am to 11pm
    9th 9am to 11pm
    10th 9am to 11pm
    11th 9am to 11pm
    12th 9am to 11pm

    Remember to ring confirm and arrive or cancel

    Come Play make me want to come back for more

    Josephine xxx


    Is my phone always off/no answer

    Easy way to book send a magic text

    Jo I am in Cork 20th free 1pm to 3pm pls text yes and I will ring you if u r free then too
    Meet me on Twitter >> so many naked bodies its unbearable no need to sign up or log in all on view xxx

    Hello x

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