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Thread: Please Clarify General Chat!!

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    Default Please Clarify General Chat!!

    Can I just ask somebody to clarify for me why so many post's seem to be set up in the Soap Opera section??
    Originally I thought Patricia created this section for over the top BS threads and to place all the silly banter threads in and also a section for the Maggots to hang out without spamming genral chat.
    To me general chat is all topics are welcome unless it is offensive, which to me includes the viability of mods or specific mods, also any discussions on punting in general, discussions about escorts, specific or not (once they are not offensive, at which time I would expect a mod to step in and edit, but not move) discussions on the weather, as it says on the tin "General Chat."
    I also noticed a couple of threads even being moved from the warning section to the SoapLand, why weren't these moved to General Chat?
    I'm confused, will this be moved to SoapLand??

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    I agree. Soapland is now just an extention of Gen chat and become a municipal dumping ground and has lost its reason for being created and for the record I did not move that thread in warning section to soap as I felt it belonged where it was in order for people to see it and contribute to the original poster so I instead removed the mockery comments.

    I do know Patricia intends to sort out soapland so give her a chance to pack away the skis

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