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Thread: qph - west - bigpaws and assorted 'friends'

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    Default qph - west - bigpaws and assorted 'friends'

    any chance that ye can forget the past and move on - it's kinda obvious that most arguements are going nowhere and whilst i actually find it quite entertaining i think that some folks might be putting a bit too much of their precious time into fighting each other via posts

    remember guys this is ei - make love not war

    no skin off my nose, i really just dont care that much in reading about it anymore- its just that i think ye probably want an end to all this bullshit too , i dunno ?

    anyway is it a workable idea - a simple yes or no will suffice - please no justification posts - just a simple yes or no...

    anyway i'm off theres a documentary on about north korea 1966 - pak-do-ik and all that jazz.

    Good Night and Good Luck....
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