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    Love My Last Day

    Dear gents, some of you may be aware that today is my LAST DAY OF ADVERTISING.
    There is a small possibility of me having an odd weekend advertised once in a while, but itís a small chance of this happening, therefore it would be wise not to count on it.

    For the next stage of my transition, I would really prefer to work very exclusively with gents I already know.
    If you are a good and serious client but I have not seen you before, you may send a PM but I would insist on good manners and respect above everything and I reserve the right to decline the appointment if I think it's not something that would suit my current life style.

    I am only planning to see 2 Ė 4 clients a week only. You cannot get it more discreet and more exciting than this.
    You are not visiting just an escort, you are visiting a lady that has a life outside and agrees to a very pleasurable adult agreement with you.

    In case you donít have my phone number, take a note of it: 087 Ė 18 69 335.

    TEXTS only, please donít ring as I wonít be able to answer when in a busy office. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Appointments time is evening only, 7pm to 11pm or any reasonable time during weekends. Some notice would be required.
    Prices and favourites as per my current advert, 20% discount offered for any subsequent booking in the same calendar month.

    Available for outcalls and very rarely for an ocassional weekend tour, watch my profile when I advertise.

    Independent & Charming Companion.

    A bad good girl .. I wouldn't have it any other way

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