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    Default cuckold?

    Wouldnt really know where to ask on this site or who to ask byy im guessing a fetish forum is a good start...

    When i was back in england i use to be known in certain groups for been a bull... A guy that would fuck someones wife girlfriend or what ever desired woman was in their life... Often in front of them and sometimes right in their face...literaly

    Since moving to ireland and settling down ive losy contact with these people and since ive been given the opourtunity to use escorts by my partner i wouldnt mind getting back into this...

    But who do i ask? A dom looking to punish a sub? A escort that knows soneone who has a fetish for this kinda thing?

    Anyone that would be intrested or knows anyone that would ve please ley me know...

    Im guessing its goin to be the dominatrix's that would be intrested though so would be intresting to hear what you have to say/offer


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    Very good i thank you! Which one are you the bull or the cuck?

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    119 views and only 1 reply? Thought would be more intrest then that lol o well

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