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Thread: i think im starting to develop a foot fetish?

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    Dick i think im starting to develop a foot fetish?

    Ive noticed in recent days with this hot weather and when ive been in town i havent been eyeing up my usual...

    You know boobs and ass even though i still love me a hour glass figure!

    But instead been looking at women in sandals? Now im open minded guy(i like to think anyways) so where can this go? What actually can you do with a foot fetish lol sorry have to ask proberly sound stupid but apart from finishing off on them my minds gone blank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Mistress XXX View Post
    Foot fetish is very common and there is so much fun to be had. My clients love to kiss and lick my feet whether they are bare or nylon clad. You can be trampled by feet, to feel the power of your mistress as she walks all over you and crushes you I to the ground. It's the feeling of beneath the lady, literally I have many subs who just want to worship my feet and nothing else and they are so passionate about it. Feet are to them their primary body part that arouses them, so whatever you can think of doing to any body part you can also do it to feet. I'm sure if you had my feet in front of you that your mind would go blank, but trust me I would guide you. ��

    Id definatly be up for you to be my first foot fetish adventure just one thing... I dont do been a sub lol never really got into that. Im a big guy...6 foot 7 inch 100kg... Been in control is kinda my thing i dont mind letting the beautiful women of the world take some control but proberly not as much as been walked offence to any one everyone has their own thing do you just do dominatrix or would you just do the kinky GFE u do with a foot fetish twist? X
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    Actually thats a lie... A ex of mine did once do abit of dom on me...she loved it said been in control of soneone my size was empowering... For me was just sexy watchin her work it lol been controlled didnt really do much for me if anythin found it frustrating then the next time we was at it i got my way and well ye control isnt the word i would use lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Mistress XXX View Post
    Only some control, sweetie I'll be taking full control yes I can put a kinky foot fetish twist into a session ��
    Got to say... I am tempted to try it lol ill pm you
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    Noticed myself noticing girls beautiful feet the last year or two.I've developed an appreciation of shoes/heels too.

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    The nice weather is great. Sexy feet in sandals everywhere.

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    Im driven crazy by all the feet around. Nothing better than long painted toenails and sweaty feet. I would love to give them all a good sniff

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