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Thread: I'm new here. Wanna ask about booking an escort

  1. Default I'm new here. Wanna ask about booking an escort

    Hello, I am just wondering if I want to meet an escort 4 days later, do I just call her that day few hours in advance or I can phone her now to ask for booking? Also, I have phoned an escort a couple of times today already but all the call straight going to mail box and no reply from her. Do I have to wait until she replies?
    I am sorry for asking such questions! Hope you can help me out. Thanks a lot!
    p/s: she has good reviews.

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    Ok, phoning 10 times in 30 minutes will just annoy anyone so that's a no no, not saying you did but just starting with that. Secondly the day before at most, a lot of girls can't guarantee they will still be in the same location in 4 days, especially if they tour, if a town is quiet they move.
    Try calling on the half hour or hour, if she's as busy as you say she obviously has no need to call you back nor would most good ladies, they don't know if you're phone is safe to call back, only amateurs will call you back outside a reasonable amount of time, say 30 min or so.

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    We've always tried to make the initial booking 4-7 days in advance. If we are told to reconfirm at a certain date/time then we go with whatever the lady says, but 4 days has never been an issue.

    If a lady is busy, you're going to have to call back. Not 20 minutes later, but at least an hour. When you talk to her, be polite but be direct with what you are looking for as well. "Hi I would like to discus making an XX-minute/hour appointment with you on XX date at XX time" is a good way to start. Ask about additional charges for favorites, if the escort is less-established or you're going for a 30-minute booking you might be paying extra. Better to know up front. Anyways they are very busy and you don't want to be seen as a time waster or someone looking for free phone sex, so keep the conversation brief and to the point.

    Have fun!

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    Welcome Silent12345.

    Always have a back up plan or three or four. I usually ring an hour before but ready to rock and roll at a minutes notice.

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