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Thread: Why are punters still paying more than 200 euro

  1. Default Why are punters still paying more than 200 euro

    Just a quick question, why are punters still paying more than 200euro for an hour. Plenty of ladies have reduced there fee to 200euro. I cant see why anyone would pay more than 200euro nowadays.

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    still money around and I would guess some girls are worth the extra money
    it's like with cars - you have them in every price category

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    Why people still travelling in Business class when you have Ryanair, why people still buying Lexus or Aston Martin and they can buy Lada ??

    Choices it is the answer ? Guys have right to choose what suit their budget. No equitality in life, even if it is not fair.

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    Default 200 euro per hour

    i agree,there is alot of good escorts out there who charge 200 euro p.h.
    a saving of 50 euro is a lot out of my wages every time i visit an escort.

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    It's nothing to do with money when I choose an escort. Although I would like it to be less. I have been with one that charged less than 200 and was just as good as the 250 an hour escort.It's more to do with liking a certain type of escort rather than just looking for a bargain.

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    i charge cheap text me 0858120610 im in limerick lorna xxx

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