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Thread: Why Guys Love Female Bodybuilders (Video)

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    Default Why Guys Love Female Bodybuilders (Video)

    It really is becoming a fetish that more and more guys enjoy!

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    The chick in the vid of that link has vaginal hypertrophy, which means she's using performance enhancers.

    Most chicks that don't have dis-associative personality disorders, don't want to look like that, and shy away from proper strength work, for FEAR of looking like that.

    Vid chick has the body of a man, which is not attainable naturally.

    She's obviously injecting testosterone, and given her size, is probably using a growth hormone in addition, given her girth, probably anavar.

    I totally dig a chick that's in serious shape; super turn on.
    Think Jules Jade.
    Woman is 45 years old, with the body of a 25 year old.

    Working out is good, drugs are bad, mmmkay?

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    These muscular women are unbelievable. They are the types of women I love meeting. The increase in gym goingwomen in Ireland has meant there are some serious fit muscle girls around. It's hard to find escorts though as it's not that popular. Ladies like Sarah Lips, Sexy Lorraine are the best I've found on this site. I'd love to find more. I find the stronger dominant women just awesome in bed. It is def becoming more popular and more mainstream which is great. There are so many posts lately looking for women in gym gear, hopefully more girls will see the popularity flourish and some more stronger women will start enjoying how fit and strong they can be!!

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    Being an ex-athlete , I find a lady with an athletic body a real turn on, not a lady with a body-builder,s body.

    Katherine is an escort who come,s to mind her
    She,s not touring at the moment


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    I percieve this is a natural born with thing.Just like being homosexual. You always knew it.

    I remember as a child, I didnt even know what my penis was for apart from peeing, but
    I got stuck to the telly when Eurosport broadcast the IFBB ...

    Then my very first biggest crush was an athlete girl.

    I just dont get when people get hung on it.

    Expl at work we have a 55 and a 57 yrs old lesbian couple with an adopted 2yrs old baby. That's totally
    accepted and I would face serious problems If I commented other.

    But when fitness model girl walks in, not even a bodybuilder, people go on and on about how "not-normal" it is.

    And its like a bad illness with no cure. An itch you can't scratch. Eversince I remember I am looking for a girl like that

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