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    Last Saturday, there was an earthquake in Japan, 7.0 magnitude with tremor following.
    Practically in same location on Thursday, there had been another earthquake which was 6.2 magnitude.
    In total, sadly 41 people have died and 11 people are still missing.

    Now late last night there has been another earthquake, however this time it was in Ecuador, South America.
    The earthquake reached to a 7.8 magnitude and so far has killed at least 77 people and many people could be missing.

    Our thoughts go to all the family and friends who have lost somebody close to them.
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    Yes, thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected. In a world that continues to get smaller and smaller, it is scary to think about all of the pain and suffering that exists. I for one work closely with a few futbol organizations in Ecuador and have not heard from anyone since the happenings. I do hope everyone is safe

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    We really should count our selves lucky ... we get a few inches of rain and we moan for days about how bad it is ...... Yep thoughts and prayers go to those affected ..

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