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Thread: The list .......last update

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    Default The list .......last update

    For all those who thinks the list is finished ,it is not and it is being run by the same person
    all though a differnent gmail address. Some one is telling a lot of porkies

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    Wow, what a load of lying bitches.

    What about all that thing about how the list was out of circulation and just a "facility for the girls instead of keeping long lists" for their own protection???? The way she worded it would be a match for any scummy politician or spokesperson.

    All complete and utter bullshit then was it????

    How Abby can come on and post all that bullshit about "it was for safety" and finished with now and they didn't use it much anyway and "oh oh I didn't really know it would cause hassle like this" with a straight face while simultaneously making a NEW LIST is beyond me...

    I will NEVER trust the vast majority of the girls ever again that they will tell anything true at all or believe anything I read.
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    Facebook have had a similar problem. They kept profile details and photos of members on record. This broke data protection laws.

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    Default !!!

    client confidentiality has definitely been broken here. this is how the the whole operation runs, is by people being discreet. keeping lists of clients numbers - on a spreadsheet that can be accessed over the internet! - is far from being discreet. how on earth did none of these women not see this??

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    Default Just change you SIM

    Lads, just change your SIM.

    I've had a punting phone for years. You go out and buy a new SIM every few weeks, or better yet after every punt. Just make sure you call the provider (O2, Meteor, or Vodafone) and cancel the SIM after you switch. You don't want old SIMs floating around.

    You can buy SIMs in store in O2 for a 10 and they give you a 10 credit! You can get them for free here: O2 Ireland Free SIM cards for you and your friends

    Without phone numbers thier lists mean jack shit.

    This is just bored Escorts wasting time.

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