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Thread: City center?

  1. Default City center?

    I haven't found any there. Do they exist?

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    Hmmm seems to be this is dead thread

    I am pretty sure that it is must to be

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    Anyone alive..sorry new to thread... Anyone..

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    The odd gem around mespil, not all dogs. I met one tg girl there recently; we had a ball together

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    I haven't found any there. Do they exist?
    Not many around the Spire, I am afraid.

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    do they exist,i wonder

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    They are becoming less and less common

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    Quote Originally Posted by cumandgo View Post
    They are becoming less and less common
    Have not had a street girl in Ireland in years but I occasionally walk by the main areas after dark and the number of girls seem well down on what I remember.
    On a funny note I knew a guy who used to clear out the back of his van put a mattress in and pick up girls along the canal after a visit to lap dancing clubs.

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    Anyone remember Karen, mature lady from Leeds, late 40s about 10 years ago, big enhanced tits, figure of a 20 year old stripper.

    Happy days back to her flat.
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    Can anyone advise of where in city centre dublin i could find street girls?

    I drove out to mespil hotel and had a look around, this was around 11:30 this evening and no sign of any.

    It was very quiet apart from a few teenagers in the dark distance across the road.

    Do they normally approach people or is there a way to spot them?

    I heard others mention baggot street but there lots of pubs in that areas and would be no way walking by you could tell if a woman walking by after midnight is coming from a bar or a working lady of the night.

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