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Thread: Looking for Escort called Amy/Sera

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    Default Looking for Escort called Amy/Sera

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a escort girl called Amy or Angel Hand Massage then she use name Sera for a month she from nigerian age 25 year who I meet several times in Mayo when she visited, I have her in my favourite but she seem to have gone offline sense October 2015.

    l would love to make contact with her again I have her mobiles number but no joy for past six months if anyone know this lady or where she is now please sent me a post.

    Thanks for reading


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    Hi mrwheels, May i ask u are u ringing her number even though she isn't advertising. I would have thought that if a lady isnt advertising then they dont want to be contacted. Thats just my opinion but good luck with your search.

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    Hi Ketchup,

    Thank for your reply & good wishes,

    I just like to say I'm not ringing this lady or would not ring her about escort services when she not advertising online I respect her privacy. It just that we have meet up several time over a year and began to trust each other and spoke about things in our lives and we phoned each other when she wasnt adverting online.

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    Just doing a quiet post hoping someone that didnt see my previous post can help me in anyway

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