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    Unhappy Rough Day

    Had a rough night/day and was sitting with a colleague about an hour ago at beach, eating lunch outside restaurant,car door open and bitching about life, liberty, fruit of the loom, when Meatloaf song came on,and I realized I was going home to a special sexy lady and not going to the hospital or jail. So I looked at the sun, beach and said thanks, and then 2 lovely ladies came from beach and insisted on paying for our lunch, and then manager gave us desert and coffee on house. So it is a good life

    Then I have a look on here and see all the goodbye threads and look at some posts and see the negativity and bitchiness. Jeez this site has changed and not for the better
    But I did get pm from special lady.Which made up a little.

    But seriously folks CHEER UP it is not that bad!! This place used to be fun, now most good people are gone,my favorites and friends have nearly disappeared, so lighten up have some fun on here,as I have said numerous times, the Escorts on here have a bloody hard job, and the least the clients can do, it not to give them any hassle.
    It is a tough life away from home and family, and the clients need to understand that and make it easy for the Escorts, you are very lucky to have wonderful Escorts on here, but do not take them for granted or more will go.

    Rant over, going for long run before dark,and more work.

    Take care everyone and stay safe.

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