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    Greetings all. I am a new member here from the US. Two years ago I started with T-Mobile service because I found that it was a good option in the US and Europe. I have used T-Mobile in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Czech Republic all on the same plan and contract. Service has been good everywhere except very rural areas. Will I find the same level of service with T-Mobile in Ireland? Someone told me there was a partner company in Ireland. Anyone have direct information? I expect to make my first visit to Ireland this summer. I want to be sure that my texting and other services will work as I seek to make contact with the ladies who prefer that method of contact.

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    Quality wise I don't think it makes a lot of difference which company Tmobile connect with in Ireland.
    I've used them all at one stage or another and there are black spots here and there with all of them.
    You'll be fine. You would be unlucky to find these spots
    Check with Tmobile in the US and ensure you will connect with one of the service providers here, but I would be confident you will have no issues.
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